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Coursework Requirements

Requirements & Syllabus

MPhil and PhD students are required to take courses as specified in the coursework syllabuses.  These courses will include compulsory courses offered by the Graduate School and courses required by the Faculty.  Students should check the coursework requirement prescribed for their cohort / programme / field of study from the Graduate School website.

A.  Graduate School Courses

B.  Faculty Courses
     •  Coursework Syllabus by Area / Field of Study (Cohort 2023-24 or afterCohort 2022-23 / Cohort 2021-22 / Cohort 2020-21 or before / Cohort 2017-18 or before)
     •  Course Descriptions (MPhil & PhD / MEcon / MFin / MAcct)

A candidate shall be required to have satisfactorily completed all the Graduate School courses and at least 50% of the remaining prescribed coursework by the end of the probationary period. Students are however advised to complete all the courses during the probationary period so that they can concentrate on their research and thesis writing in the remaining part of their study period. In any case, all coursework requirements must be fulfilled before thesis submission.  All courses taken by research postgraduate students are assessed on a pass/fail basis.


Faculty courses offered for MPhil/PhD students in semester 1, 2023-24 (last updated: 2-Nov-2023)
Faculty courses offered for MPhil/PhD students in semester 2, 2023-24 (last updated: 26-Feb-2024)